Friday, April 22, 2011

Friends, Fun, & Food

Well, this has certainly been a busy week but a great week.  Last Sunday was definitely one of the highlights of the week.  A huge thanks goes out to the YM1 Life Class for putting on a great Easter Egg Hunt for the Tots.  Jordan had an absolute blast hunting Easter eggs.  In fact, we have had several Easter Egg Hunts this week!!

Jordan and Philip trying to recover the eggs overflowing Jordan's basket.

 Philip & Jordan showing off their dyed Easter Eggs.

 Hannah enjoying the Easter Egg Hunt with Joy.

Later in the week we were privileged to spend time with Jenelle & Leiana.  Jordan and Leiana had a great time playing, and Hannah had fun being held and entertained by Jenelle.  She especially enjoyed Jenelle's baby exercises.

Jenelle & Hannah

Laura & Jordan playing together

Leiana & Jordan having a blast playing in the tunnel
 Friday morning Jordan and Laura went to pick strawberries.  Everyone who knows me knows I love strawberries and I really enjoy picking them.  It's never too early to instill the same love in your children, right!?!  Well, let's just say that Jordan should not be too much work. :)  He loved picking strawberries, carrying the buckets, and eating the strawberries.  And, for him, I think the biggest highlight was just being in the field.  He kept commenting on us being in the field throughout the experience.  What a great time I had with our sweet son.
Jordan in the strawberry field

Jordan picking a strawberry

Jordan eating a strawberry--Um Um Good!!

Laura & Jordan enjoying the sweet strawberries

Look, Mom--it's a TRACTOR!!
Well, I must share one final tidbit about our strawberry picking.  On our way home, I accidently let my right tires go off on the shoulder of the road momentarily.  Of course, they made an odd sound and Jordan asked what it was.  When I told him I went off the road, he told me that I fell of the road.  So, after we were home, he told his dad that mom fell off the road.  Great--doesn't that make mom sound like a good driver!?!

And the Taters--my thoughts on food for this week pertain to strawberries, of course.  If you love strawberries, I would recommend slicing up some and freezing the slices individually on cookies sheets lined with wax paper.  After they freeze, take them off the cookies sheets and store them in ziploc bags in the freezer.  They are great for smoothies.  We make our smoothies with frozen strawberries, yogurt, and a little orange juice.  Philip also likes bananas in his--no need to freeze these.  Just cut them up and mix them in the smoothie.  Also, I tried some blueberries, strawberries, and yogurt for a smoothie recently--very good.  Smoothies are great snacks--they are healthy and tasty.

In closing, May each of you have a Blessed Easter celebrating our risen Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!! And, may we teach our children and those God has given us to influence to love Him!!