Monday, June 13, 2011

Marvelous Monday

We had a marvelous Monday.  We spent the day at home enjoying time together except for a quick trip to Target and a neighborhood walk (which of course Hannah fell asleep during despite my trying to keep her awake).  Jordan and I had fun this morning with playdough.  He loves playdough and I must say it is fun, especially with lots of assorted cookie cutters with which to play.
Isn't playdough great, Mom?!?

Jordan digging the playdough out with his knife
 This afternoon we were in the kitchen when Jordan found the masking tape.  In the past we have made roads to drive his cars on with the masking tape.  Jordan wanted to make a road.  So, we headed upstairs to make one.  Somehow in the process we ended up with a ball of tape.  We had fun throwing and rolling the ball of tape.  I didn't know a ball of tape could be so fun.  As you can see, Jordan thought it was great. 
Look, Mom--this is so fun!!

Look at my ball of tape!!

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